smallCreating quality hunt trips for current and future generations…

BC Trophy Mountain Outfitters creates custom, top quality hunt trips for sportsmen from around the world. We offer year-round trophy and game hunting in our pristine Licensed Guide Territory. Our exclusive access and permits, combined with our extensive experience, promote high success rates and good quality trophies.

BCTMO is not your average outfitter. We are a solely Canadian owned guide outfitting company, specializing in fair chase hunts for 13 species of Canadian world record big game. For over 26 years, BCTMO has been catering to outdoor enthusiasts seeking multiple species combination hunts in our exclusive guide territory. Our guides possess extensive knowledge of animal behavior, local species populations, and our extensive trails, making them uniquely qualified to lead such high level hunts.

If you want a satisfying, authentic wilderness hunt with the best in the business, you've come to the right place. Take a look to discover what we hunt, how we hunt, and how you can join us.